As a traveller in Latin America you want to get to grips with the language as fast as possible. 

Well, thanks to our partnership with Colombia’s most charismatic Spanish teacher you can enjoy lessons with Emerson and benefit not only from his personalised student centred approach but also the conducive learning environment that beauty and peace of Barichara provides.  

We first heard about Emmerson from our guests. The way they all told us they wish they hadn’t wasted their first two weeks in Colombia at a run of the mill language school in Bogota but instead had come straight to Barichara. So we decided to check him out, we love his personalised method because it fits right in with our guest ethos here at Tu Casa Barichara.

He does blended classes where after finding out your needs and motivations he sets up a scheme of lessons that start with a “desk” based primer (though it’s not really a desk, it’s usually a mirador overlooking the world’s 3rd largest canyon or a table in quaint coffee shop) then you’re off into town to practice, he throws you in at the deep end with carefully selected challenges – but don’t worry because A) he’s right behind and B) the challenges of are the goldilocks variety, you know, not too hard and not too easy, just right*. Then it’s back to the ‘desk’ (which now often has a glass of wine of beer on it) for a recap and final polish. If they feel ready, he invites his students to one of his legendary parties, social gatherings or meals. It’s at that point that most of his alumni realise they’re finally making big progress – they can understand what’s going on despite the noise of multiple conversations and distracting music.

We like him so much we’ve decided to give a special deal  to his students. 

 *He’s a learned fellow and he tells me his approach is backed up by the science of instructed second language acquisition and in particular Vygotsky’s “zone of proximal development” theory and Krashen’s “comprehensible input +1” hypothesis.